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Rental heaters or coolers Tent Masters has heaters of all sizes for all tents that we install for the winter months.

Heaters are easy to operate once you know what size to rent and what type of fuel you need. The size to rent is determined by the size of the tent, the temperture outside, when the event date is going to be, and also how many people will be attending the event.

Heater sizes are from 80,000btu up to 350,000 btu. Two or more units to larger tents. All heaters are forced air, propane with thermostat control. Propane fuel is an extra cost.

Coolers & Fans

Coolers and fans cool the tent in the summer months. Several may be needed for larger tents and very hot days. Tent Masters stocks fans in 24″, 36″, and 48″ sizes.

We have fans available in high flow floor and pedestal styles.