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Generators come in all different sizes for all kinds of jobs. They range from portable units that a single person can carry with them to semi tractor trailers for large parties.

When selecting a generator, it is important to understand both the voltage and the amperage. Voltage can be either 115 or 200 volt single phase or three phase systems. Amperage ranges from 15 to 10,000 amps.

If you describe your event we will be able to select the proper generator for your needs; however, you may use the following as a guideline:



Will your party have enough restrooms? Whether you need one or two extra stalls or a whole dozen, we will be able to provide portable bathrooms for your event. We also have handicapped accessible restrooms available. All our restrooms come with hand sanitizer and two rolls of toilet paper. We can deliver a day ahead or on the day of your event, depending on your location and time.

The Celebrity VIP Restroom Trailer

The Celebrity VIP Restroom Trailer is the perfect solution for an upscale event with attendance of up to 200 guests. This trailer has most luxury features of our larger trailers, including porcelain flushing toilet, sink for hand washing, and trash receptacle in each restroom unit. This trailer is fully self-contained with solar powered battery supply to power lights and pumps. No water or electrical connection is needed. The dimensions are 8′ wide x 14′ long x 8’10” high.

Don’t want to see the restrooms? We can hide them in a tent. This is one accessible and one standard restroom under a 20 x 20 tent. This was installed on a concrete garage.