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Frame Tents

A frame tent is a tent with an assembled framework made of aluminum or steel pipes that supports the fabric roof and defines the shape of the structure. The rigid framework allows the tent to be free-standing without additional support, but as a pole-supported tent requires an anchoring system to hold it in place as specified by applicable fire or building codes.

To maximize use of the interior tent space for which you are paying rent, Tent Masters, Inc. uses frame tents. Frame tents have a framework inside of the tent to give it strength and stability. From the side frame a tent top frame is formed to make the entire tent frame. There are no tent poles in the middle that take up space where your guests would be sitting, therefore you get to use the entire tent’s square footage.

Frame tents are also low profile tents. They can be set up in back yards where there may be overhead electrical wire, telephone wire, cable wires or tree obstructions. They also need less room to stake down. A 20 x 20 frame tent can be staked down in a 22 x 22 foot area where the same pole tent needs a 32 x 32 foot area.

Frame tents are safer than pole tents. You don’t have the tent straps going 12 feet from the tent to the stake for holding the tent down. They can be installed on grass, concrete, asphalt, decks in back yards, decks on top of garages, to cover pools, you name it we can install it.

We at A1 Tent Masters only install frame tents.

SizeStand Up / CathedralBuffetSit down
20 x 20 (400 sq ft)65-80 people40-50 people25-33 people
20 x 30 (600 sq ft)100-120 60-75 40-50
20 x 40 (800 sq ft)130-16080-10053-66
25 x 40 (1000 sq ft)160-200100-12566-83
25 x 60 (1500 sq ft)250-300150-185 100-125
30 x 30 (900 sq ft)150-180 90-110 60-75
30 x 40 (1200 sq ft)200-240120-150 80-100
30 x 50 (1500 sq ft)250-300 150-185 100-125
30 x 60 (1800 sq ft)300-360180-225 120-150
40 x 40 (1600 sq ft)260-320 160-200 106-133
40 x 80 (3200 sq ft)530-640320-400 213-266
40 x 100 (4000 sq ft)660-800 400-500 266-333
40 x 120 (4800 sq ft)800-960 480-600 320-400